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Do you satisfy with MailChimp? Do you have these pain points? 


Lack of Cantonese / English support 缺乏廣東話及電話支援
Phone/email/on-site demo/training support 缺乏上門服務?
No support hours in Hong Kong office hours 香港辦公室時間沒有客戶支援服務
Too expensive if you have large no. of subscribers say 50,000 or more 當聯絡人太多時,例如五萬個,價格太貴!
No Chinese user interface? 缺乏中文介面
Account was blocked may due to high bounce back or low open rate 帳戶無故被封
Only credit card was accepted but not cheque/bank transfer etc 公司未能以信用咭付款,但不接受支票及銀行轉帳
Guarantee inbox rate up to 99%? 未能提升收件箱至99%
Lack of enterprise feature like approval workflow? 缺乏企業級功能如授權
Privacy policy requires data stored in Hong Kong servers 私隱條例要求保存數據在香港

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